Diversity at SGGSCC

Our motto - "Behold all human race as one", focusses on universal brotherhood. At the college, the mission is to add value to the stake holder in every possible manner and to strive towards more egalitarian and just community. India is a country of paradoxes as we live in diversity but unity. In our college, students come from many cultural backgrounds, different states from all over India. In fact , more than twenty five states at least. International students seek admissions from countries like Afganistan, Nigeria, Gambia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Dubai and Canada, to name a few. The International Cell facilitates the process of admission and orientation for foreign nationals. The enabling unit of the college, JAAGRITI, is formed to serve the needs of the PWD category students in order to make their stay in the college comfortable.

The college has a 'no discrimination' policy in admission as well as employment on the basis of gender. The gender ratio is inclined more towards female staff, teaching as well as non-teaching. The girls boys ratio is almost 55: 45 among students. It clearly indicates that women are encouraged to go for higher studies in the capital city now. The college has 'zero tolerance/ policy for ragging among students. There is an 'Internal Complaint and Gender Sensitization' committee for the welfare of students and staff.

The motto of the college is inclusiveness of the backward and economically weaker sections of the society. There are clubs like Rotaract which strive relentlessly towards this goal by providing training about health, hygiene, computer literacy, etc. to nearby slums and daily wage workers. The Enactus club has many projects which help train and provide livelihood to poor women by marketing products like handbags, pouches, and book covers, created by them through rags and old jeans. The enabling unit has tie up with a number of NGOs for annual contribution towards their maintenance expenses. The faculty as well as student volunteers try to implement the agenda of these clubs enthusiastically. Such endeavours help the students understand values and significance of equal opportunity to the poorer sections of the society leading to a more inclusive growth of society.