The College Library comes into existence along with foundation of the college in the year1984. The library offers a wide range of computerized services. Its aim is to provide timely and right documents/information on variety of subjects. The college maintains a well- stocked and well equipped, centrally air conditioned Library with computerized user friendly services. The library is using NETTLIB software system for providing efficient services. The Collection of the Library at present consists of more than 50,000 books, 490 bound volumes (back volumes) of important journals and about 850CD's on various subjects. The Library regularly subscribes to about 27 newspapers, 35 journals and magazines (Indian as well as foreign) on variety of subjects. The library has rich collection of books especially on Commerce, Economics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Management, Sports, General Studies and Sikhism. The library provides facility with open access system, spacious reading room and reference section.

Library Services and Facilities

  1. Automation of the Library:
    The College started planning for Library computerization in 2001. Now our library is fully computerized. Various activities of the library are automated. The database of books can be searched by author, title, subject, publishers etc. The library books can be searched through Internet on college website: or through web OPAC link
  2. Lending Service:
    All the students are entitled to become member of this library. A member is entitled to borrow three books at a time for 10 days. The current issues of periodicals/ magazines/ newspapers / reference books are available for reading in the Library only. Reference books, rare books, periodicals and such other reading materials as are marked for consultation within the library shall not be issued out for loan except with the special permission of Librarian.
  3. The library provides lending of books and allied reading material to the students and staff Reference Service:
    The Library provides reference service to assist the users in getting the required documents / information. The library consists of a good collection of reference books such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, yearbooks, CD's on variety of subjects. Students can make use of the entire reference collection within the Library. The reference staff can provide assistance to find the books/ information from print and electronic sources by using modern information technologies.
  4. Book Bank Facility:
    The library has a Book Bank and Students Aid Fund Section for lending text books to the deserving and needy students.
  5. Book Location Service:
    The library staff is always ready to assists the students and faculty members in finding the desired reading material. Students may contact the reference desk near the entrance.
  6. Reservation of Books:
    Books in great demand and which are not on the shelves generally under issue can be got reserved by the students by filling Reservation Slips available at the circulation counter. The library will inform the member as soon as the book is available electronically through e-mail or SMS as the case may be.
  7. New Arrivals Display:
    Every fortnight some selected newly added books to the library are displayed on the New Arrivals Stacks near the counter. Also, a list of 'New Arrivals' is circulated among the faculty members on regular basis. The purpose is bringing the newly added books to the notice of the users.
  8. Photocopying service:
    Students and teachers can avail the facility of photocopy of limited number of pages on academic purpose only .The Library helps in providing photocopies of articles/ text to the students and faculty members from the documents available in the library.
  9. Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) through web Browser:
    The entire library collection can be searched through web OPAC. The link for the search is : The main page search access required user ID and password. User ID: 0001; Password: 999. It facilitates a user to browse entire library's collections with ease and promptness. Books in Hindi, Panjabi can also be searched. The users can search books through cell phone , laptop, desktop computer etc. The students can now be able to reserve the book .Teacher can recommend the book through link provided. The documents can be searched by author, title, subject etc.
  10. Newspaper clipping service:
    The library is maintaining a record of newspaper clippings on important subjects and of various activities related to the college as well as University.
  11. Content page service:
    Library is providing a photocopy of content pages of important journals subscribed by the library to faculty members.
  12. Ask your librarian service:
    Students can e-mail their queries related to books / reading material, Library services etc. to : or Notices are available through mobile application "SmartProf"
  13. Orientation:
    The college provides orientation of library resources and services at the beginning of the new session and to individuals or groups on request.
  14. Internet with Wi-Fi facility:
    Internet access with Wi-Fi facilities is provided to the faculty members and students free of cost. Several terminals are available in different sections for internet search. All bonafide members are entitled to access electronic resources through college network. They can connect to Delhi University Library network and search and download various e-resources (within the campus) free of cost. Students and faculty members can also search number of e-resources through INFLIBNET subscribed by the college.
  15. Facilities for visually challenged and disabled students:
    The library provides the audio and visual facilities, laptop with special software installed for visually challenged students. Library also provides special facilities for disabled students.

How to Locate Books

All the books in the library are arranged according to Dewey Decimal Classification System (001-999). Some of the important Class Numbers are given below :

Subject Class No. Subject Class No.
Accounting 657 E-Marketing 658.84
Auditing 657.45 Hindi Literature 891.43
Banking Law 346.54082 Income Tax 336.24
Business Law 346.07 Income Tax Law 343.54052
Business Mathematics 650.01513 Journalism 070.4
Business organization 650 Management 658
Commerce 650-659 Marketing Management 658.8
Communication 302.2 Mathematics 510-19
Company Law 346.066 Office management 651.3
Computer Science 004 Sports 796
Cost Accounting 657.42 Statistics 519.5
Economics 330 Taxation 336.2
English Literature 820 -- --
Reading Room

Rules and Regulations of the Library

  1. Membership
    The library offers membership to the students and faculty members. Members are entitled to borrow books as per their privilege .Students can borrow three books for 10 days. Faculty members can borrow 10 books for 15 days .Members are also entitled to borrow back volumes of journals (with the permission of Librarian). Current issues are for reference only. The renewal of membership will be done on the basis of production of fee receipt. Members should keep the library informed of any change of address and phone number.
  2. Security
    Students are required to carry their membership card with them whenever visit the library. There will be no entry without ID/Library card. The students will deposit their personal belongings such as bags, cell phones , personal books etc. at the property counter. They must not be brought into the Library. Bags if brought should be kept at the counter and mobile, cash should not be left in the bags. Outside books / personal books are not allowed in the library. Use of personal study material in the Library premises is not permitted.
  3. Membership responsibilities
    Library Membership Card is not transferable as they are token of privilege which only the members to whom they are issued are entitled. Sub-lending of book(s) is misuse of this privilege and may lead to withdrawal of membership.
  4. Loss of library ticket
    Loss of library membership cards/ID Card must be reported in writing to the Librarian immediately. On loss of Library Membership Card, an FIR has to be launched. Duplicate Library Card will be issued at the circulation counter on the payment of Rs.100/- along with a copy of FIR. The member however will continue to be responsible for any loss that the library may suffer through the loss/misuse of lost Library Membership Card.
  5. Fine/ overdue charges
    The member is expected to return the book(s) on or before the due date stamped on the due date slip. An overdue charges at the rate of Rs.5/- per volume per day will be charged.
  6. Lost/damaged books
    Loss of Library book(s) must be reported immediately to the Library. Borrowers will be asked to pay for the book lost or replace it with a new book(s) along with the fine and binding charges if any. Borrowers will be asked to pay at the rates fixed by the Library for the book returned in damaged or mutilated condition.
  7. Care of library books
    Books should be checked before they taken out of the Library. Therefore, borrowers must satisfy themselves about the physical condition of the book(s) before borrowing, otherwise they will be held responsible for any damage or mutilation noticed later or at the time of returning the book(s). After using the books it should be kept at the right place on the shelf in the library, where it has been taken out. Marking with pen/pencil is not allowed in the books, otherwise new book / book cost / fine would be charged. Penalties for books lost, damaged, mutilated or defaced by marking shall be fixed by the Librarian. The library books are for the benefit of not only the present but also for the future members of the library. They should, therefore, be handled with every care and consideration.
  8. Obtaining clearance certi?cate with no dues
    The library books/ membership cards are the property of the library and are to be returned and dues, if any, be cleared/ paid and a clearance certificate be obtained from the Library before leaving the college (e.g. at the time of getting CLC).
  9. Maintenance of discipline
    The Student shall keep silence within the Library premises. It is necessary to maintain an atmosphere of quiet and dignity inside the library. The students are expected not to act in any way which disturbs the study of other students. Any student found talking or disturbing studies in any form in the reading room of the Library shall be fined Rs.500/- in the first instance. Subsequent violation of this directive will entail heavy penalty. Principal may expel any student if the presence of such a person is liable to disturb the peace in the library. Use of mobile phone is prohibited inside the library. Mobile phone should be switched off before entering the Library. Students are required to co-operate for calm and healthy atmosphere in the Library. Eating and drinking is not allowed inside the library.
  10. Assistance, suggestions and grievances
    If you find any difficulty in using the Library or in locating any information / books, contact the staff at the counter or Librarian. Students can make any suggestion(s) and can drop in the suggestion box near the entrance. We welcome any suggestions to improve the library services.

Library opening hours: 9.00 A.M. to 5.P.M. on all working days.

(Dr. Gurdev Singh)