Add-on Courses

Keeping pace with accelerating demand for career oriented courses at undergraduate level, SGGSCC Centre for Professional Development offers various short term add-on courses. These courses aim at equipping students with tools to meet the challenges of highly competitive job market. It gives students an experiential opportunity to learn in real world context and a platform to widen their knowledge horizon beyond the academic course. The students are taught and trained by the professionals and experts from the relevant industry. The objective is to make them future ready to capture the business/career opportunities and thus, enhancing the career prospects of the students.

Proposed Courses for 2019-20

Rules of Admission & General Information

  • Applicant must be a bona-fide student of University of Delhi.
  • Since the seats are limited, admissions may be subject to screening.
  • Preference is given to SGGSCC students.
  • Outside Students / ex-student of SGGSCC, if admitted, not to be treated as regular students of the college and cannot avail the facilities of the college such as library, WIFI, hostel, etc., unless specified.
  • Classes will be held keeping in mind the University Academic Calendar i.e. classes will not be held during university exams, preparation leave and semester break. During the academic session, classes are held either after 2:30p.m. on weekdays or on weekends so that it does not affect the attendance in the regular course.
  • The College reserves the right to take disciplinary action if anyone violates the discipline.
  • Study material and faculty is provided by the collaborating Institute.
  • Certificate is jointly issued by the collaborating Institute and the College.

All courses are subject to the formal approval process and availability of minimum number of students.