Rules & Regulations

As a student, discipline is the observance of good conduct and every student of the college must maintain the discipline within the premises of college. Any breach of discipline or interference in the normal working of the college will be liable to disciplinary action as provided in following ordinances of the rules of discipline of the University of Delhi.

Breach of discipline includes:

  • Ragging and harassment of other students in any form.
  • Act of hooliganism during Holi and Diwali Festivals within college premises.
  • Irregularity in attendance, persistent idleness or negligence or indifference towards the work assigned would be considered as breach of discipline.
  • Causing any disturbance to a class or the office or the library or sports.
  • Misconduct or misbehaviour of any kind at the time of election to the students bodies or meeting or during curricular or extra-curricular activities.
  • Misconduct or misbehaviour of any kind, towards a teacher or an employee of the college, university or another institution.
  • Causing damage to furniture or any other property of the college or any other institution of the university.
  • Eve teasing in any form.
  • Inciting others to do any of the acts aforesaid.
  • Any misconduct anywhere inside and outside the college campus.
  • Smoking in the college premise which is no-smoking zone.
  • Non adherence to the dates of submission of assignments and projects failing which he/she will be entirely responsible.
  • The Proctorial Committee deals with the cases of indiscipline.

The Principal of the college has the right to take action whenever there is a breach of discipline.