Religious Study Centre

Prof. Jaswant Singh Phull Centre for Religious Studies

Prof. Jaswant Singh Phull Centre for Religious Studies (An interfaith Study Centre), a part of Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce 's library was established in the year 2005 with an objective to enlighten the young minds with the rich Sikh heritage and unique sikh philosophy and instill in them the sense of pride. Its location in the library and well stacked collection of books provides a perfect ambiance to the readers and researchers alike. It facilitates inter-faith academic research while promoting religious literacy through its collection of rare religious books. The centre is indeed a jewel in the crown.

An orderly arrangement for stacking the books under different section heads enables the comfortable accessibility to the readers. Through Books on Sikh Gurudwaras, Sikh philosophy, history, politics, Sikh Scriptures and Gurbani and Sikh Dictionary/Encyclopedia etc and by referring to different magazines and journals of repute like Gurmat Prakash, Sees Ganj, The Sikh Review, Nishaan, Studies in Sikhism & Comparative religion and Sache Patshah etc. that provide information about latest developments in Sikh studies and other areas of concern keep the researchers and readers well informed and well tracked. Moreover, the availability of study material in form of books, magazines and journals in English, Punjabi and Hindi caters to the needs and requirement of the users.

All in all, the centre is a noble endeavor to promote religious education and towards promoting spiritual growth and awakening.