Date Title Link to Report
15th February, 2024 National Seminar on Indian Values and Knowledge System in Higher Education Link
21st November, 2023 Training on Best Practices to Enhance Cybersecurity at Workplace Link
26th Oct, 2023 Health Camp and Special Lecture on Lifestyle, Stress Management & Healthy Diet Link
27th July - 1st Aug, 2023 Workshop on 'Basic Excel and Spreadsheet Applicability in Business Solutions' Link
20th - 25th July, 2023 FDP on 'Advanced Research Techniques in Social Sciences (SmartPLS and NVivo)' Link
14 July, 2023 राजभाषा कार्यक्रम क्रियान्वयन के लिए हिंदी प्रशिक्षण कार्यक्रम Link
15th February, 2023 Indian Budget Session 2023 Link
12th and 13th November, 2022Online Combined Societies Orientation Session ‘22Link
15th November, 2022Workshop on ‘Mind Management’Link
16th September, 2022Workshop on ‘Qualitative Research Methods’Link
9th September, 2022Workshop on ‘Bibliometric Research Analysis’Link
25th November 2021Workshop on ProwessIQLink
23rd February 2021Webinar on Stress ManagementLink
29th January 2021Webinar on How to be productive during pandemicLink
19th-20th November 2020IQAC – Online Combined Orientation of SocietiesLink
3rd November 2020Webinar on Cyber Security For Students: Keep Yourself Out Of TrapsLink
31st July 2020Webinar on Intellectual Property RightsLink
28th July 2020Webinar on "Art of writing research paper: Literature Review Perspective"Link
13th May 2020International Webinar on Exercise - ReportLink
13th May 2020International Webinar on Exercise and Health in context of COVID-19Link
12th May 2020Webinar on “COVID 19 Impact, Strategies for Education and Challenges in Virtual Learning”Link
15th January 2020Effectuve Stress Management in Modern TimesLink
3rd January 2020Faculty Development Workshop on “Safety in Cyber Space”Link
21st October 2019Microsoft Certification SeminarLink
26th September 2019National SymposiumLink
6th September 2019Non Teaching workshop – Advanced Computer TrainingLink
30th August 2019Career Counseling Session at Sarvodaya Vidyalaya, PitampuraLink
30th August 2019Non Teaching Workshop – Introduction to Computers and InternetLink
July 2019IQAC Combined Orientation of SocietiesLink
14th-19th January 2019FDP – Innovation & EntrepreneurshipLink
4th-5th June 2018Technical Workshop for Non-Teaching Staff- Smart e-office Techniques 1.0@2018Link
24th April 2018Symposium – Quality in Higher Education – Road to EmployabilityLink
9th April 2018Lecture Series - Demographic Trends in Asia & their Macroeconomic Impacts: The risk of growing old before getting rich.Link