Report on the National Symposium.pdf
Date Title Link to Report
21st October 2019Microsoft Certification SeminarLink
26th September 2019National SymposiumLink
6th September 2019Non Teaching workshop – Advanced Computer TrainingLink
30th August 2019Career Counseling Session at Sarvodaya Vidyalaya, PitampuraLink
30th August 2019Non Teaching Workshop – Introduction to Computers and InternetLink
July 2019IQAC Combined Orientation of SocietiesLink
14th-19th January 2019FDP – Innovation & EntrepreneurshipLink
4th-5th June 2018Technical Workshop for Non-Teaching Staff- Smart e-office Techniques 1.0@2018Link
24th April 2018Symposium – Quality in Higher Education – Road to EmployabilityLink
9th April 2018Lecture Series - Demographic Trends in Asia & their Macroeconomic Impacts: The risk of growing old before getting rich.Link