BSE-SGGSCC Centre of Excellence

Applied research is gaining importance in the present world especially- in the field of economics, finance, management and commerce. It requires knowledge of advanced statistical techniques and sophisticated software to analyse data and further use it for policy making. Bearing this in mind, the BSE-SGGSCC Centre of Excellence (hitherto called Research Committee) aims to promote and facilitate research in different areas and also to bring together faculty members and students from different disciplines to undertake innovative projects. Collaboration of college with Bombay Stock Exchange aims to help the Centre use Bombay Stock Exchange data to do policy oriented studies and also organise joint conferences.

In our pursuit to make research a continuous process, Committee/Centre has been continuously organizing faculty development programmes, workshops, training sessions and hands-on training programmes for students and faculty with competent resource persons from both within and outside the country.

Recent Initiatives

  • To encourage good quality research work, a decision has been taken to award faculty members whose manuscripts are published in any Scopus listed journal, with Rs. 10,000 per article, up to a maximum of two articles, per academic session (April-March)
  • Further, it has been decided that teachers teaming with college students, may apply for research grants from the college, for any Innovation Project, by submitting an application, consisting of the objective, research methodology and policy implication of the project. The final decision regarding the amount of grant and the team/s selected for the grant will be taken by a panel constituting of competent authorities (from the University of Delhi or other Universities) in the specified research domain, appointed by the principal

Activities organized during 2017-2019

  • "The Second Lecture Series by faculty members" was organised on 4th September, 2019. The key objective was to motivate and familiarize with the inter-disciplinary innovation projects completed in the past few years by teaching staff of different departments. The session included three presentations of University of Delhi sponsored innovation projects completed by teams consisting of our faculty members and students in different social areas.
  • The one-day workshop titled 'Scale Development' was organised on Saturday, July 20, 2019 in the college premises in joint collaboration with the Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, planned under the aegis of Department-College Interface. The workshop was specifically meant for researchers and faculty members who are planning to do research using qualitative data based on the questionnaire method, as scale creation is a process of developing a reliable and valid measure of a construct in order to assess any attribute of interest.
  • A one-day workshop, on 'Research Techniques for Analysis of Qualitative Data using AMOS and R-software', was organized on Saturday, 16th March, 2019 for understanding theoretical and empirical issues involved in selection of a research problem with special emphasis on qualitative approaches to research. Dr. Hamendra Dangi from the Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics was the resource person.
  • To develop a shared understanding of the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship, a Faculty Workshop on 'Innovation and Entrepreneurship' in association with Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong, Australia was jointly organised from 14th to19th January, 2019. Professor Grace McCarthy, Dean, Sydney Business School, conducted all the sessions.
  • A training session on 'Microsoft Advanced Excel Techniques' was organised for first and third semester students of B.A. (Hons) Economics on 23rd and 29th September, 2018 respectively. The basic objective was to help students learn, how to analyse data effectively using advanced functions on MS Excel.
  • A workshop on Microsoft PowerPoint, titled 'How to make a good PPT' was conducted on 24th and 25th July, 2018 for the in-house faculty. Ms. Megha Ummat and Ms. Sugandha Gupta, both from the department of Computer Science provided hands-on training, explaining the different functionalities of power point.
  • A week long Faculty Development Programmeon 'Research Techniques for Cross-Sectional, Time Series and Panel Data' was held from8th to 14th June, 2018. It aimed to help participants understand the assumptions and suitable methodology required to address key issues in dealing with cross-sectional, time series and panel data types and to provide hands on application of two softwares- Eviews for dealing with time series data and Stata for cross-sectional and panel data. The Sessions were conducted by Dr. C.P.Gupta, Professor at Department of Financial Studies, Dr. Ananya Ghosh Dastidar, Associate Professor at Department of Business Economics, and Mr. Narain, Assistant Professor at Faculty of Management Studies, all from University of Delhi. The FDP was attended by 50 participants comprising research scholars pursuing M.Phil/Ph.D./post-doctoral research and teaching faculty members from Delhi and other universities.
  • A half-day Workshop titled 'Anova, Ancova and Mancova Techniques of Analysis using SPSS' was organized on 17th August, 2018. The main objective of the workshop was to familiarise teachers with techniques used for analyzing qualitative data. Dr. Prabhat Mittal, Assistant professor at Satyawati College (Evening), University of Delhi, conducted the session.
  • With a purpose to motivate and familiarise the teaching staff with the research work being done by different departments, a 'Lecture Series by Faculty Members' was organized on 9th March, 2018. Two papers were presented, one by Ms. Harpreet Kaur, titled, "Impact of Climate Change on Agricultural Production and Food Security in South Asia" and the other by Ms. Kajleen Kaur, titled, "Monetary Policy in India during Crisis: Impact on Inflation". The presenters focused on the objectives, research methodology and policy implication of their papers. The presentations were followed by a question answer session.
  • Recognizing that basic proficiency in MSExcel is essential for research, a one-day Faculty Development Programme on, 'Microsoft Advanced Excel Techniques' was organised on 12th August, 2017. Mr. Lokesh Lalwani, a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Specialist for Excel and Microsoft Office 2007/2010/2013,from Nurture Tech Academy conducted the session.
  • A half-day Workshop titled 'Train-the-Trainers at SGGSCC: World Bank Open Data for Research' was organised in the college on 4th August, 2017. Ms. Sunita Malhotra and Mr. Anand Muthusawamy, both from World Bank, India, jointly conducted the session. The workshop was planned to raise awareness amongst the teachers and help them to learn to access and use data available with the World Bank Group for their respective research.

  • Dr. Paramjeet Kaur (Coordinator)
  • Dr. Harpreet Kaur (Co-Coordinator)