Gender Sensitization Action Plan

Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce aims to create a gender-sensitized and gender-just environment in the campus, bringing the change in mindsets and a shift in perspectives. We put an impetus on behavioural modification by raising awareness on gender equality concerns and providing a gender-inclusive environment for teaching- learning, technological creation, innovation, development, and research on campus. Promoting communication in respect of human dignity and social responsibility is what the institution continues to strive for in future. The plan of action towards Gender Sensitization on Campus in the upcoming years is summarized below.

  • Various campaigns, training sessions, webinars, workshops, etc. will be conducted to promote diversity and gender-inclusive communication, involving all the stakeholders on campus.
  • Conducting regular activities for raising awareness among student and staff members, fair representation of leadership roles, facilitating impartial participation, and gender balance in team-based projects is envisioned.
  • Women Development Cell and NSS Unit of the College are working towards promoting equality and raising awareness on women-related issues through different events planned in future.
  • Different activities and themes on gender parity, embedded in the curriculum to be promulgated.
  • Sessions focusing on gender, women’s rights, and women empowerment will be conducted for students by the departmental faculty members.
  • Regular counselling sessions will be continued for the girl students by the female faculty members. Weekly meetings between the mentor and mentee will also ensure to ease the psychological stress among students.
  • The college continues to promote events which emphasize on the current judicial scenario for sexual harassment at workplace and various dos and don’ts for prevention of such malpractices.
  • Meetings of the Internal Complaints and Gender Sensitisation Committee for Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace to be regularly held, ensuring safety and security of women in college premises.