The Training and Placement Cell

The Training and Placement Cell was incorporated in January 2005, with an aim of providing the students with the best of placement opportunities to help them kick start their careers. As a society the cell focuses on placements as well as to institutionalize the process of providing internships and articleships.

This is a student driven society, who works for the comprehensive development of the students of our college facilitating them to explore various career options by providing them proper and constructive training through numerous workshops and counselling sessions that are guided by professionals. With an aim to expand the reach across Delhi University, an initiative was taken in the year 2016 to connect to the Placement Cell of other colleges in Delhi University circuit to explore new avenues and generate result.

The Placement Cell also focuses to groom the students into well-rounded leaders who have a strong rooting in functional expertise, a realistic real time understanding of the business and technical world, an action oriented decision making approach and above all high level of ethics and integrity.

Internships act as a window to the corporate world for the students. It is a tool that helps them in making effortless transition from the intellectual rigor at college to the work ethics of a real organization. The Internship Wing explores various platforms and proffers the best relevant opportunities to the students of Ist, IInd and IIIrd year, of all courses. Over the years, the college has witnessed an impressive hike in the quality and quantity of internships being offered to the students. Many reputed companies such as EY, Ken Research, Outlook Group, Paytm provided us with internship opportunities. The diversity of profiles and companies is a result of a standardized Internship Wing.

The Training Department of the Cell lays a foundation for the holistic development of the student. It conducts various workshops and training sessions on topics like Resume Building and Group Discussions that help the students to present themselves confidently and leave a mark of their personality. The department ties-up with institutes that conduct mock interviews that assist the placement aspirants to stay calm, composed and assertive during the interviews.

The Placement Cell has always worked diligently to substantiate the quality of companies coming to the campus so as to provide the best possible corporate exposure to the students. The college has seen the participation of many renowned companies like EY, Deloitte, KPMG, PwC, Wipro, Dell, Grant Thornton, TPDDL, Toppr Learning, Byjus, Paytm and Ken Research in the past. These companies cover around 12 of the major sectors which includes Audit, Taxation, Marketing, Business Development and CA articleship.

The Training and Placement Cell organizes its annual Flagship event, The Internship Fair. An initiative which took off 3 years ago has turned into a much celebrated internship festival which provides a conduit through which students can access corporate learning, network with industry experts and gain an enriching experience to apprehend their career options. It has proved to be a significant support to the students for augmenting their beginning into the corporate world.

Eligibility rules for participation in placements

The student should be in his/her 3rd year and be graduating in the coming year and should be registered with the cell. Students should not have any backlogs in any of the subjects/papers of their respective courses. There is no restriction on applying/appearing in interviews, until the first job is secured. A student selected by a company will be eligible to sit in the next company only if the next company offers a package difference of Rs.1 lakh or more than the previous company in which job is secured. An exception to the above clause is when a company is offered Dream Slot which implies that all students registered with TPC, even if placed in another company, are eligible to appear for the company which has been offered the dream slot.

As per the records, during the academic year 2018-19, Placement Cell recorded a whopping number of 215 offers for placements spread across various sectors and the highest package going up to 10 LPA by Toppr Learning.

The cell also recorded an impressive number of more than 300+ offers for internships in diverse fields of commerce.