SGGSCC Centre for Professional Development

About the Centre

The Centre aims to impart competence and fulfil career aspirations of students through structured learning pathways i.e. offering add-on courses (short term certificate/diploma courses), conducting training sessions/workshops, holding special lectures, etc.

The Centre promotes networking with national & international institutions of repute, and collaborates with industry and academia for developing the curriculum and delivery of relevant skills for students in tandem with the emerging needs of the society. Students are trained and updated by the professionals and also get an opportunity for experiential learning.

The Vision

Provide cutting edge to the students so that they become professionally more qualified and industry ready.

Equip the students with tools to ideate the solutions for meeting the challenges of disruptive world.

Rules of Admission & General Information

  • Applicant must be a bona-fide student of University of Delhi.
  • Since the seats are limited, admissions may be subject to screening.
  • Preference is given to SGGSCC students.
  • Outside Student / ex-student of SGGSCC, if admitted, is not to be treated as a regular student of the college and cannot avail the facilities of the college such as library, WIFI, hostel, etc., unless specified.
  • Classes will be held keeping in mind the University Academic Calendar i.e., classes will not be held during university exams, preparation leave and semester break. During the academic session, classes are held either after 2:30p.m. on weekdays or on weekends so that it does not affect the attendance in the regular course.
  • The College reserves the right to take disciplinary action if anyone violates the discipline.
  • Study material and faculty is provided by the collaborating Institute.
  • Certificate is jointly issued by the collaborating Institute and the College.

Activities undertaken by Centre for Professional Development, SGGSCC (June 2019-August 2020)

S.No Details Mode Period Sponsoring/Organising Agency
From To
1 Data Science using R SGGSCC Campus 06-02-19 07-07-19 SGGSCC &Weekendr , the Skill School
2 Basic + Advance Excel Training SGGSCC Campus 06-03-19 06-18-19 SGGSCC &Weekendr, the Skill School
3 Basic + Advance Excel Training SGGSCC Campus 06-03-19 06-28-19 SGGSCC &Weekendr,the Skill School
4 Mastering the Stock Market SGGSCC Campus 07-19-19 03-05-20 Bombay Stock Exchange Institute Ltd
5 Financial Modelling SGGSCC Campus 07-19-19 03-05-20 Bombay Stock Exchange Institute Ltd
6 Basic + Advance Excel Training SGGSCC Campus 07-29-19 08-21-19 SGGSCC &Weekendr, the Skill School
7 Python and Machine learning SGGSCC Campus 08-24-19 11-02-19 BRICS CCI, School of Analytics
8 Basic + Advance Excel Training SGGSCC Campus 08-26-19 09-18-19 SGGSCC &Weekendr, the Skill School
9 Legal Awareness SGGSCC Campus 09-09-19 10-18-19 District State Legal Services Authority, North West
10 Basic + Advance Excel Training SGGSCC Campus 12-18-19 12-31-19 SGGSCC &Weekendr
11 Mentoring Session.1 How to Crack MA Entrance SGGSCC Campus 01-15-20 01-15-20 DSE- Ravit Thukral, Nihal Kumar, Radhika Ashoka Univ- Gurkirat Singh TERI- Mrigakshi Tandon IP Univ- Mayank Mathur JNU- Adarsh
12 Data Science using R SGGSCC Campus 01-18-20 03-22-20 SGGSCC &Weekendr, the Skill School
13 Basic + Advance Excel Training SGGSCC Campus 01-31-20 02-24-20 SGGSCC &Weekendr , the Skill School
14 Special Lecture on GST SGGSCC Campus 02-10-20 02-10-20 CA Divya Bansal, Member ICAI
15 TallyAce Certification SGGSCC Campus 02-29-20 03-06-20 Tally Education Pvt. Ltd
16 Mentoring Session.2 – Want to Pursue Higher Studies SGGSCC Campus 03-02-20 03-02-20 Jessica Chadha, Research Scholar, University of Siegen, Germany
17 Online Mind Management Session Online 04-12-20 04-12-20 Garima Vijay, Geopolitical Consultant at Ernst &Young
18 Live Webinar: How to Evaluate Public Policy? Online 04-16-20 04-16-20 Prof. Shagata Mukherjee, Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics
19 e-Workshop (7 days): Introduction to Stata Online 05-15-20 05-24-20 Dr. Harpreet Kaur, SGGSCC
20 Live Mentoring Session: Crack MA Economics Online 05-21-20 05-21-20 DSE Students:Nihal Kumar, Ravit Thukral , Yashika Bansal, Kushagra
21 Live Mentoring Session: Are You an MBA Aspirant? Online 05-30-20 05-30-20 Bhavye (IIM Calcutta), Divay (IIM Lucknow), Hemant (NMIMS), Vidisha( ISB), Gurdeep ( ISB)
22 Live Session: Secrets of Success Online 05-31-20 05-31-20 Mrinal Chawla, IAS officer, Happiness Coach (AOL)
23 Live Session: Reskilling with Online Courses Online 06-08-20 06-08-20 Dr Urvashi Sharma (Associate Professor, Deptt, of Commerce, DU) Dr. Lokesh Jindal (Associate Professor, MAIMS, GGSIPU)
24 Live Online Advance Excel Training Online 06-15-20 07-12-20 Weekendr , the Skill School
25 eWorkshop -Introduction to Stata Online 06-18-20 06-24-20 Dr. Harpreet Kaur, SGGSCC
26 Live Online Advance Excel Training- 2 batch Online 07-17-20 08-24-20 Weekendr , the Skill School
27 Online Basic Course on Stock Market Online 07-22-20 08-15-20 BSE Institute Ltd
28 Legal Literacy Course Online 08-05-20 09-09-20 Delhi State Legal Services Authority

The Academic Year (2018-19): Key Points

The college collaborated with three premier institutes namely, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India(ICAI), Bombay Stock Exchange Institute Limited (BIL) and Weekendr, the Skill School to share their expertise in the field of taxation, capital market and data analysis skills. These opportunities helped in improving the skills and widening the horizons of the students.

Programme Details: Academic Year (2018-19)

Programme Duration Collaborator
Workshop on GST-Women Empowerment through Skill Building
(20 Hours)
1 July - 5 July, 2018 Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
Course on Advance Excel Training
(30 Hours + Project Session)
6 June - 6 July (Batch 1) Weekendr, the Skill School
10 August - 21 September (Batch 2)
21 January - 27 February (Batch 3
Course on Data Science using R
(36 Hours + Project Session)
9 June- 28 July Weekendr, the Skill School
Course on Python for Data Science
(42 Hours + Project Session)
19 August - 3 November Weekendr, the Skill School
Course on GST
(20 hours)
4 August - 18 August Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
Course on Mastering the Stock Market
(100 Hours)
20 August - 5 April The Bombay Stock Exchange Institute Ltd.
Course on Financial Modeling
(100 Hours)
20 August - 5 April The Bombay Stock Exchange Institute Ltd.