Student Experiences

Amrita Singh,BMS, Class of 2020

My name is Amrita Singh and I'm a second year BMS Student. Choosing BMS and this college has been the best decision I could have made for my graduate degree. I chose this course because I realized that my interest lay in the commerce field and I wanted to learn more about it, gain a proper understanding of all components of this field so I could find out what interested me the most and what I was best at so that I could decide what suited me best and pursue further studies and then employment in this field. I think that BMS is the best option for an aspiring commerce graduate: this course provides a balanced learning of all subjects that come under management and commerce, be it finance, human resources management or Marketing that allow a student to learn the basics about these subjects in their first two years and then choose a specialization accordingly in the third year. The BMS Syllabus also exposes students to a variety of other disciplines like Statistics, Economics, Legal Aspects of Business, Business Research etc. that broaden their knowledge base, increases the scope of learning beyond the 'three specializations' and helps them understand the business environment better. In today's fast paced world, knowledge cannot be isolated, it is not enough to know everything about one field, one must know how every aspect of business works to gain a deeper understanding of how your field of interest works. Lets take an example, marketing, business research and statistics go hand in hand when the company is launching a new product, business research tells you what the customer wants, who he is, where he is (after analyzing data using statistical techniques) and then the company designs its marketing campaign accordingly. Last but not the least, students are taught skill enhancement courses in the second year that teach them how to apply the concepts they learnt in the practical world, through using softwares like SPSS, Tally to solve the problems they encountered in their core subjects. If you want to do an MBA, are interested in management, want to be a finance/HR/Marketing person, want to gain a general understanding of the business field before deciding what is best for you, BMS is the right way to go!

Jyotbir Singh, BMS, Class of 2020

Ever since I heard about the BMS course that Delhi University has to offer in class 11th, I researched about BMS, BBE, B.COM (H), etc quite a bit. Once I weighed the pros and cons and consulted with others, I made my mind that this is the course which I would actually want to pursue and started working for it.

The course structure is an amalgamation of various topics from both the UG, and PG levels: Giving you the best that UG has to offer, while preparing you in advance for what lies ahead. BMS has given me more than what mere books can offer. It's provided me with opportunities and insights with each new subject that is our core subject, allowing you to actually find where your interest may lie, and each new Generic Elective subject allowing you to keep one subject for your own learnings/interests. You also get to choose your major and specialization in the final year.

The learnings in BMS go beyond the books, each new presentation that you make, each new research project that you make, helps hone your personality, teaching you the art of team work, allowing you to holistically develop, and training you for the life ahead. Our research projects have truly led me to have some wondrous Eureka! moments that give you an idea of the bigger picture of the world.

Last, but not the least, a course cannot be completed without you interacting with your fellow peers, and BMS truly gets the best of them. From accomplished sportspersons, to talented photographers and enthusiasts from each array of life, Bachelors of Management Studies has been a marvellous experience and I wouldn't have changed it for anything else in the world!

Vatsala Gautam, BMS, Class of 2020

I got enrolled into BMS in July 2017. Apart from providing case study based classroom knowledge of a wide variety of subjects it has taught me the practical application of various statistical and accounting softwares. Also, the competitive environment of the classroom has always motivated me to work hard and achieve good results in the curricular as well as co-curricular areas.

In the past 2 years, I have prepared 2 research papers as a part of the curriculum along with my peers. This has been one of a kind learning experience for me.

This course provides a wide array of opportunities like the regular classroom presentations which have really helped me in enhancing my speaking skills. Being a part of this course has overall been a great experience for me.