Teaching & Assessment

The teaching and assessment approach in the Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) program focuses on developing students' human, technical, and conceptual skills, along with providing comprehensive knowledge of core functional areas of management such as finance, marketing, human resources, and financial modeling. The program emphasizes practical learning through internships, live research projects, and contemporary topics in finance, economics, marketing, and international economics.

The Department of Management Studies oversees the teaching and learning process and provides modern facilities, including a computer lab, library with extensive databases, and seminar rooms. Students can expect 40 hours of teaching per week on weekdays, including tutorials, workshops, and special guest lectures to enhance their learning experience.

To extend their learning beyond the classroom, students are encouraged to participate in various events and activities organized by the college, such as the Annual Day, Special Lectures by industry experts, workshops to improve reading, academic writing, and critical thinking skills, and interactive discussions.

Feedback through assessment is a crucial part of the teaching and learning process. Internal mid-semester examinations, assignments, group discussions, and presentations are used to assess students on various aspects of their learning journey. The college places significant importance on providing constructive feedback to help students reach their full potential in the subjects they are studying.


For personalized access to the timetable, students need to register with the SmartProf app used by the college. Registration details are provided to students during the admission process. For any other requests or queries related to the timetable or other matters, students can reach out to the helpdesk via email at helpdesk@sggscc.ac.in