Every year during admissions, Faculty members and our college students gear up to provide all the support required during the admission procedure. Helpdesk is put up by the members of the Students Council to assist the new applicants in filling up the form and guiding them regarding the admission procedure. Faculty members of the College are also available at the Helpdesk. The procedural steps to apply for admission are printed and put up at various locations in the college to facilitate the new applicants. Various signage are placed at multiple locations in the college to guide the students and parents regarding the Waiting Rooms, Admission Room, Data Entry Room, etc.

Enabling Unit

Teacher Convener and Students of the Enabling Unit are available everyday during the Admission procedure to help differently-able students to complete their admission procedure. A separate desk is put up for Enabling Unit to guide the students and wheel chairs are also available in the college to help them. The foreign students are assisted by the International cell.

Grievance Committee

The college has a Grievance Committee to tackle the issues regarding admission. The faculty members can be contacted anytime and are readily available for help.

Digital Facility

Our College helps the new students in the application process. Facility is provided in the computer lab of our college to print the admission form and pay the admission fee online on the DU portal. Members of the Students Council and student volunteers are there in the lab to help the students/parents who are not tech friendly.

Student Council

Members of the student council are available in large numbers during admission days to help and guide the new applicants at each step of the admission procedure.

Student council also helps in organizing the orientation programme in the beginning of the academic session to familiarize the students to the college life after admission.