ASBEMS: The Business Economics & Management Studies Society


The Department of Business Economics and Management Studies of the college endeavours to educate students and increase Economics, Finance, Management and Business-related awareness among them through organizing various brainstorming events. BMS and BBE are two flagship courses offered by the college. The students are equipped with interpersonal and social skills through the society of elected representatives of student community. It holds orientation for incoming batch in July every year to mark the beginning of the session. It organizes many events including series of guest lectures with eminent speakers from India and abroad. The inter-college debating competition, VAKTAVYA helps them to hone their debating skills. A number of workshops are held for the training of students such as, cyber safety, recent software , how to solve case studies, etc. The students of the society diligently organize annual academic event, "Confluence" and students from other colleges of University participate in the same pro-actively. It is one of the most promising society of the college.