Gyaan - The Punjabi Literary society

Urja Urja

Knowledge gives power but a good character gives respect and in building a strong persona, one should always be instilled with cultural ethics and values in life. Gyaan - The Punjabi Literary society is one such society whose ideology has been to unite the people with their "Maa Boli"- Punjabi. This society was constituted with the vision to promote Punjabi language and literature through organizing various seminars, quiz competitions, lectures, conferences and educational trips. In this modernizing world where people have tend to drift away from their roots, this society has been incepted by the Department of Punjabi with a purview to inculcate the feeling of acceptance towards what they have inherited and take it's preaching as a source of guidance and enlightenment for the generations to come. Not only it aims at reducing this disparity caused by western forces, but also strives to catch the attention of the people by coming up with notions to encourage the desire to learn and imbibe the value of being connected to the mother tongue which is quite evident from the fact the members of the society do not comprise of only the students of Punjabi but are spread throughout diversely.