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Republic comprises of the Political Science students wing, the Women Development wing and the Foreign students wing. Though each wing is undertaking specific activities yet working for broader objective of inclusiveness and parity. The core objective of Republic is to sensitise the students about the various socio- political issues; to address the issue of gender inequality, gender stereotypes and to disseminate the rich culture and traditions of the foreign land through its respective wings. The society provides a forum for students to undertake various activities like quiz, debates, extempore, screening of documentaries, talk shows, awareness drives, sensitisation workshops, etc that align with the core objective of the society. The platform is among the Best Practice initiative taken by the college to prepare students for a healthy civic engagement, be a responsible citizenry of the society and of the country. Republic aims to educate its students to develop critical thinking towards perennial issues and contemporary challenges emerging due to new developments in socio political domain. It is a platform for capacity building among students, for polishing their personality and for broadening their vision and approach to various social, political, cultural issues that are intrinsically important for their holistic development .