Past Issue : Volume-5 (2014-2015)


Downfall of Lehman Brothers: Impact on the US and India

Anjala Kalsie

Business Environment and Innovation in the Indian Firms

Anu Satyal

Insights into the IPO Underpricing for Listing on the National Stock Exchange

Bharat Wadhwa

Effectiveness of Monetary Policy in Controlling Inflation

Kajleen Kaur, Yogita S. Mehra, & Jasmit Kaur

Tourists Perceptions about Tourism Impacts: A Literature Review

Kawal Gill

Operational Aspects of E-Commerce in Manufacturing Companies of India

Lata Sharma and Ranjan Porwal

Consolidation in the Indian Financial Sector: Does It Make the Sector Vulnerable to Financial Contagion?

Priya Bhalla

Corporate Governance and Credit Ratings

Rachan Sareen & Madhu Vij

Assessing the Probability of Financial Distress in Commercial Banks of India

Shveta Singh & Anita Makkar

Abstracts of Doctoral Dissertations
Effects of Empowerment of Employees on Organisational Performance: A Study of Select Companies of National Capital Region

Naveen Dua

Mergers and Acquisitions in the Indian Financial Sector since Economic Reforms: An Empirical Exploration of Determinants and Effects

Priya Bhalla

A Recent Development
Key Highlights of The Companies Act, 2013

Gurminder Kaur