Publication & Ethics Policy

The Journal of Business Thought is committed to protecting the integrity of academic research. In this context, we adhere to a professional code of conduct and publication ethics. Every manuscript submitted is double blind peer reviewed by the experts in the relevant area. Reviewers' comments are notified to the authors about acceptance or for further modification. A final decision is communicated subject to the post revision review.

Plagiarism software is used to check the originality of articles. Unacceptably high level of plagiarized content is not published.

Authors should ensure that the submitted manuscript is original. The work and/or words of others in the work should be appropriately cited or quoted. It is the responsibility of the authors to obtain permissions for any content used in their manuscript, if required.

The authors should ensure that manuscript should not have been simultaneously submitted for publication to any other journal, magazine or newspaper. If the paper has appeared earlier in a different version, a copy of this should also be submitted. A signed copy of the ‘Declaration Form’ should be submitted to the editor.

Authors are obligated to participate in the peer review process.

It is the responsibility of the authors to ensure that the research being reported has been conducted in an ethical and responsible manner. Authors should present their results clearly and without fabrication, falsification, or inappropriate data manipulation. Further, the methodology adopted should also be explicitly explained so that their findings can be confirmed by others.

Authorship should be conferred to those who have significantly contributed to the submitted work. Authors should provide their current institutional affiliations both academic and corporate.

Authors are also obliged to provide retractions or corrections of errors found subsequent to publication.

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